5 Simple Statements About Scientology Explained

Mike please sustain your attempts to bring these heinous folks to justice. You and Leah are to generally be commended for all you've got completed to bring these subjects to light-weight.

-the expose’ of LRH’s claims of who he was (armed service medals) And the way he created his empire was highly effective…wish to see a lot more of that.

should you google ‘scientology contracts’ you’ll find lots of info. Listed below are two backlinks to some article content Tony Ortega released with the assistance of his sources:

I've seen reports the A & E people who find themselves generating these shows are actually getting harassed (good gamed) by the C of S. It ought to be prompt to them by you or anyone, that they should fully document just about every fair-game go that the C of S is generating on these A & E personnel, with video clip, and entirely expose it on its own TV exhibit (or demonstrates, plural).

I love that this expose has brought men and women alongside one another as opposed to tear them apart…thanks Mike and Leah.

Agreed. And Steve Hassan’s comparison from the CoS to other cults and indicating it's a great deal more vicious was a significant blow to it.

I noticed this morning the one thing I like concerning this show…no raised voices. No agression. No interruption of inquiries and responses.

university and became a hippie) And also the Tale goes and goes. It’s taken me yrs and yrs and several years to prevent possessing coronary heart-stopping nightmares. And to continue to

Since you stated Isaac Hayes inside the piece, when and when you need to do a Time two, I’d want to see an episode on stars like Leah who remaining or made a decision to useful content distance by themselves clear of the church and how These celebs while in the church remain in there and what we will do to inquire them to have out (if they could). That may be really intriguing for me.

My heart remains to be pounding. A sure indication for me that MOST of my triggers have already been brought more info here on. THIS episode, Primarily Steve Hassan, switched a handful of lights on.

Expensive Leah and Mike, I for just one am continue to dealing with convolutions in my daily life just after spending 45years like a Scientologist. Its essentially challenging for me to observe your clearly show with a&E as I’m sure its even harder for you to do the exhibit.

Wouldn’t we be remiss if we didn’t identify and thank Tommy Davis for all he’s performed my website to show the horror which is $cientology? Thanks Tommy. We couldn’t have performed it devoid of you. I’m guaranteed Mommy is so proud.

Hey OSA, your boss will spend hundreds of thousands attempting to maintain his ass away from jail. Do you truly Imagine he gives a damn about you guys? My assistance is run NOW.

This last episode of period one was so strong…I liked the MH Skilled who was was a “Moonie” because he was so real!

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